POLISH GO CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 Białystok, 11-14.11.2021


We'd like to thank everyone who supported us in organising this year's Polish Go Championship. If you'd also like to help, let us know: go.bialystok AT gmail.com


Białystok Go Club


Faculty of Computer Science at Bialystok University of Technology




Polish Go Association is the national hub connecting players across the country, working to popularize the game and support its growth.



Wunderman Thompson Technology (WTT, previously Cognifide Poland) is a WPP leading marketing technology consultancy. They have been inspiring growth of global brands such as Ford, Colgate, Telegraph Media Group, or Virgin Media since 2005. Apart from delivering exceptional customer experience, WTT volunteers engage in many educational and social activities. WTT has been supporting Go players since 2013 by organising exhibitions, tournaments, and co-organising Championship in collaboration with the "Honte" Go club. WTT employees actively promote the Go game among children as well .


Wunderman Thompson Technology

The Honte Go club is a group of passionate players from Poznań. They meet regularly to both play casually and hone their skills. Their members take part in hosting a number of Go-related events, including tournaments across Poland and exhibitions at the annual HOBBY Fair. They also organise workshops to share their passion with others, including events at local schools.



Crazy Samurais of Go is an initiative of regular Go meetings, lessons and workshops aimed at promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience in this amazing game. We want you to be satisfied with your games and have the pleasure of learning it regardless of your level. We offer the possibility of regular meetings and participation in various initiatives of the highest quality. When you visit us, you will understand the arcana of the game, we will help you build an approach how to learn it and we guarantee that you will grow in strength and experience with us!