POLISH GO CHAMPIONSHIP 2022 Poznań, 10-13.11.2022


We'd like to thank everyone who support us in organising this year's Polish Go Championship. If you'd also like to help, let us know: kontakt AT honte.pl


The Honte Go club is a group of passionate players from Poznań. They meet regularly to both play casually and hone their skills. Their members take part in hosting a number of Go-related events, including tournaments across Poland and exhibitions at the annual HOBBY Fair. They also organise workshops to share their passion with others, including events at local schools.



Main partner

Wunderman Thompson Technology (WTT, previously Cognifide Poland) is a WPP leading marketing technology consultancy. They have been inspiring growth of global brands such as Ford, Colgate, Telegraph Media Group, or Virgin Media since 2005. Apart from delivering exceptional customer experience, WTT volunteers engage in many educational and social activities. WTT has been supporting Go players since 2013 by organising exhibitions, tournaments, and co-organising Championship in collaboration with the "Honte" Go club. WTT employees actively promote the Go game among children as well.


Wunderman Thompson Technology


Polish Go Association is the national hub connecting players across the country, working to popularize the game and support its growth.



Studying Go was never this easy.

AI SENSEI gives players access to the latest tools for analysing their games. Find your mistakes quickly, see the correct move at glance and improve your game. All this thanks to cutting-edge technologies made possible by advancements in AI.


A modern way to study Go.

Go Magic is a platform filled with courses. Find a topic that interests you and improve your game. Their lessons aren’t just board and stones. They strive to make learning inspiring, engaging and fun. Each course equals countless hours of combined efforts of scriptwriters, camera operators, editors and problem composers. To top it all off there is a Skill Tree with unique puzzles growing on it. Solve them, get XP points and golden coins and master every Go technique.


Herba-ta.pl offers the highest quality teas by weight at attractive prices. It offers an extensive collection of natural and flavoured teas in a full range of types. The wholesaler also offers fantastic coffees from various corners of the world in unusual flavours. You will also find there accessories for their preparation. Thanks to such a variety of flavours and compositions, you will start every day wonderfully, as well as spend wonderful moments with your family and friends.



The e-go shop was established in 2002 out of fascination with Go and Japenese culture, and the need of the moment. You will find there game equipment for Go, mahjong, shogi and XiangQi


At Zasypiamy.pl we help parents to teach their children how to sleep. So that toddlers grow healthily and parents can relax or play Go in the evenings.

We are united by our concern for the family. Including yours. Because a happy and sleepy parent is a happy child. We believe that sleep problems should be approached comprehensively. That is why we have a child psychologist, family coach and nutritionist on our team. We also cooperate with a pediatrician. With a jointly created ebook and online course, we will help you to regain your sleep.




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