POLISH GO CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 Warszawa, 9-12.11.2023


We'd like to thank everyone who support us in organising this year's Polish Go Championship


Polish Go Association is the national hub connecting players across the country, working to popularize the game and support its growth.




The China Town Chinese Restaurant group, which has been operating since 1997 and currently employs about forty people, is operated by "China Town" (Poland) (Schwester Company Ltd.). "China Town" (Poland) Group is a company primarily engaged in the following activities: business, catering, tourism and Chinese language learning.

"China Town" (Poland) Group is the initiator and sponsor of the establishment of the Polish-Chinese Economic and Cultural Society and the Chinese School in Warsaw, as well as the only internet portal for Chinese in Poland - PlChinese. In 2007, "China Town" (Poland) Group established the China Town Travel Agency to organize travel and tours from Poland to China and from China to Poland.


China Town

The Capital Sports Center ACTIVE WARSAW is an organization whose task is to promote everyday life and a healthy lifestyle. They implement this mission in many ways, including organizing large-scale sports events, developing the Warsaw sports function and launching programs with the following disciplines. It also applies to intellectual sports - from the others, including Go.